We believe that every brand has the ability to change the world, if only they could be heard.


We challenge our brands to turn up their brand volume.


We offer brand engagement, brand management, identity design, eye-catching graphic design and engaging digital design.

Your Brand.

Joy Brand Studio work with ambitious brands. Brands that understand the importance of being heard in a crowded marketplace. Brands that clearly communicate their purpose and values and that understand the power of having an engaging identity that's accessible and visible across multiple platforms.

Our multi-disipline projects are led by creative thinkers that challenge perceptions and help change the world.

Our Values.


Turn and face the strange.

Inspired by the famous line from "Changes" by David Bowie, we are not afraid to be different and to stand out from the crowd. We are proud to aim to be different in everything we do.


Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

Taken from "The Hobbit" by J. R. R. Tolkien, we believe that any brand, no matter the size, has the potential to change a life, an industry or even the world.


Success minus the suit

We believe that nobody needs to wear a suit to be a success.


Fancy a cuppa?

We aim friendly and down to earth. We want to get to know you, understand what makes you tick. We don’t want one-off clients, we want to form ongoing relationships and enjoy your success together.


Know thy users.

Guess what? Your users may not think like you. We design with purpose in mind. After-all we believe Design is art with a purpose. With that in mind, we try to get inside the head of your prospects and design to attract them. Not just giving you “what looks good.”

Our Services.



A brand is about establishing trust and expertise. It's about your story, a culture, your purpose and the values that you hold dear. You can't start any design without knowing who you are, what you represent and where you are going.



Once you know who you are and what your brand is, then you need to give that brand an identity. It needs a personality, a face that your target audience can interact with. The next step in your journey is to create an identity that successfully conveys your brand's purpose and values.



Once your identity is developed, you need assets that can further spread your message. Be it traditional print design, online visual graphics, presentations, animated videos and micro-content - we can tie together your brand to shout your message in a clear and consistent way across a number of platforms.



The world has gone digital. A digital space for your brand to live, is crucial for reaching your target audience. Having a clear strategy of how that digital space is going to work for your brand is just as important. Joy work with brands to help them communicate effectively online.

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